Hi! I’m Angie Hisaw

I’m known as the “Life Maximizer”.

Angie Hisaw is Certified as a Health and Life Coach from the Health Coach Institute, a Certified Personal Empowerment Coach™ and a Certified Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis. She works with busy women seeking life balance so they can live a more vibrant and fulfilling life. Her experience in career and leadership development with a global Fortune 500 company, along with her extensive training, allows her to help even the busiest of women find true balance in their life.

Angie’s Personal Journey

In 2018, Angie started a personal journey to reconnect with her soul after the race to climb the corporate ladder left her feeling overworked, overwhelmed and burned out. Life is too short to feel that way! Balance isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Angie discovered, finding balance should be a top priority because of the positive effects it can have on our health, relationships and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Through her own personal development journey, Angie discovered her authentic self and started to live a more balanced life– one she absolutely loves!

Angie’s Life Passion

That’s why she is passionate about helping other hard-working women design a sustainable lifestyle that prioritizes freedom, fun, alignment and balance. She customizes her approach for each client, using a variety of modalities, along with energetic and spiritual principles to engage the mind, body and soul. Her work facilitates transformation on both the conscious and unconscious level, so that her clients quickly begin to uncover their deepest fears, break through barriers, and start to embody the highest vision they have for themselves, bringing their goals into reality. 

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Essential Coaching Tools in Angie’s Toolbox


Hypnotherapy is NOT the same as hypnosis used in the entertainment industry. I use therapeutic hypnosis based on the work of the well known psychiatrist, Dr. Milton Erickson.  

The Erickson method is indirect hypnosis, where therapeutic behavior change is achieved by conversing through metaphors, reframing and stories, rather than direct orders. You are fully in control during these sessions

This form of hypnotherapy, combined with mental exercises of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and spiritual principles, provides wonderful healing at both the conscious and unconscious levels.

Hypnotherapy is best described as heightened awareness in a relaxed state. This relaxed state is called “trance”.

People often think being hypnotized means being asleep and that they can be made to do things while they’re asleep.  This simply is not true.

Hypnosis takes place in a relaxed state, where the brain waves are in the alpha and theta states, which are similar to being in a nice daydream, a great massage, or in meditation.

This relaxed state is optimal for inner change, as it allows us to “turn off” our mind chatter and be in a more resourceful, imaginative, learning state. 

Hypnotherapy is similar to guided meditation, where you are awake and still in control.

All sessions are virtual so you can relax in the comfort of your own home.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) coined “the study of excellence” is a method of retraining the mind through mental exercises, in order to produce consistent and desirable behavioral results in your life. 

Neuro defines the mind, linguistic = language, and programming means retraining.

NLP is retraining the mind to communicate the most effective language towards ourselves and to others for mental clarity and harmony with ourselves and others.

NLP processes can be used for success in all areas of life. It is extremely effective at producing positive changes quickly and comfortably to match your specific needs, drive your personal growth, and enhance your role in any particular area you’d like to address. It is a great way to dive deeper into the root cause of your issue, by guiding a series of specific questions, visualizations, or changes of perception.

NLP can be used alone on a conscious level, but can also be highly effective when combined with hypnotherapy to gain breakthrough changes and achieve your desired results.

Timeline Therapy (TLT)

Timeline Therapy (TLT) created by Tad James, utilizes methods to help you be free of issues from your past so that you can move forward with your desires and goals for the future. TLT has become widely known over the years as a very effective way to help clients achieve their desired results quickly, while creating comfortable and lasting changes.

TLT combined with hypnotherapy, NLP and spiritual principles enable you to be free of issues from your past that have been blocking you from living your life the most successful way possible.

Issues and traumatic events, that have persisted since as early as childhood, can suddenly be neutral memories, freeing you to live your life more powerfully and gain emotional control over your life.